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Doping-Dependent Nonlinear Electron Mobility in GaAs|InxGa1-xAs Coupled Quantum-Well Pseudo-Morphic MODFET Structure
Panda S.R.1, Sahu A.1, Das S.1, Panda A.K.1, Sahu T.1
1Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Science and Technology, Palur Hills, Berhampur-761 008, Odisha, India
Email: tsahu_bu@rediffmail.com
Поступила в редакцию: 28 марта 2018 г.
Выставление онлайн: 8 апреля 2020 г.

We analyze the asymmetric delta-doping dependence of nonlinear electron mobility μ of GaAs|InxGa1-xAs double quantum-well pseudo-morphic modulation doped field-effect transistor structure. We solve the Schrodinger and Poisson's equations self-consistently to obtain the sub-band energy levels and wave functions. We consider scatterings due to the ionized impurities (IMP), alloy disorder (AL), and interface roughness (IR) to calculate μ for a system having double sub-band occupancy, in which the inter-sub-band effects play an important role. Considering the doping concentrations in the barriers towards the substrate and surface sides as Nd1 and Nd2, respectively, we show that variation of Nd1 leads to a dip in μ near Nd1=Nd2, at which the resonance of the sub-band states occurs. A similar dip in μ as a function of Nd1 is also obtained at Nd1=Nd2 by keeping (Nd1+Nd2) unchanged. By increasing the central barrier width and well width, the dip in μ becomes sharp. We note that even though the overall μ is governed by the IMP- and AL-scatterings, the dip in μ is mostly affected through substantial variation of the sub-band mobilities due to IR-scattering near the resonance. Our results of nonlinear electron mobility near the resonance of sub-band states can be utilized for the performance analysis of GaAs|InGaAs pseudo-morphic quantum-well field-effect transistors. Keywords: asymmetric double quantum wells, GaAs|InxGa1-xAs structures, nonlinear electron mobility, pseudo-morphic HEMT structures, resonance of sub-band states.

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