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Charge density at the Al2O3/Si interface in Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor devices: semiclassical and quantum mechanical descriptions
Hlali Slah1, Hizem Neila1, Kalboussi Adel1
1Laboratoire de Microelectronique et Instrumentation (LR13ES12), Faculte des Sciences de Monastir, Avenue de l'environnement, Universite de Monastir, Monastir, Tunisie E-mail:
Email: hlalislah@yahoo.fr
Выставление онлайн: 19 ноября 2017 г.

In this paper, a quantum correction computation of the inversion layer of charge density was investigated. This study is carried out for a one-dimensional Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor (MIS) structure with (100) oriented P-type silicon as substrate. The purpose of this paper is to point out the differences between the semiclassical and quantum-mechanical charge description at the interface Al2O3/Si, and to identify some electronic properties of our MIS device using different thickness of the high-k oxide and diverse temperature with different carrier statitics (Fermi-Dirak statitics and Boltzmann statitics). In particular, the calculations of capacitance voltage (C-V), sheet electron density, a relative position of subband energies and their wave functions are performed to examine qualitatively and quantitatively the electron states and charging mechanisms in our device. DOI: 10.21883/FTP.2017.12.45185.8190
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