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Structural and Optical Properties of MgO Thin Films Prepared by Dip-Coating Process: Effect of Thickness
Aouati R.1, Djaaboube H.1, Bouabellou1 A.1, Taabouche A.1,2, Bouachiba Y.3, Daranfad O.1, Oudina A.1, Kharfi F.4
1Laboratoire Couches Minces et Interfaces, University Freres Mentouri Constantine 1, Route Ain El Bey, Constantine, Algeria
2Faculty of Hydrocarbons, Renewable Energies and Earth and Universe Science, University Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla, Algeria
3Mechanics and advanced materials laboratory, National Polytechnic School of Constantine Malek Bennabi, BP 75 RP Ali Mendjeli-Constantine, Algeria
4Laboratoire de Dosage Analyse et Caracterisation en haute precision (DAC-hr), Universite Ferhat Abbas-Setif 1, Setif, Algeria
Email: aouati.redha@gmail.com
Поступила в редакцию: 18 января 2021 г.
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Magnesium oxide (MgO) thin films with various thicknesses were successfully developed on glass substrates by sol-gel dip-coating technique. We have investigated the influence of the thickness (157, 352, and 915 nm), on the structural, optical, and morphological properties. X-ray diffraction study revealed that the deposited films were polycrystalline in nature with face-centered cubic structure along (200) and (220) directions. The transmittance was found to be decreased as the film thickness increased. In parallel, the optical band gap was found to be increased from 3.88 to 3.98 eV. The microstructure was found to be converted from inhomogeneous grains distribution with some voids in the surface to islands shapes distributed on homogeneous surface with increasing of the thickness. FTIR and EDX analysis confirmed the presence of Mg and oxygen elements. Also, the films were highly stoichiometric. Keywords: MgO, thin films, sol-gel dip-coating, thickness, optical band gap, morphology.

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