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Site-controlled growth of GaN nanorods with inserted InGaN quantum wells on mu-cone patterned sapphire substrates by plasma-assisted MBE
Переводная версия: 10.1134/S1063782618050123
Jmerik V.N.1, Shubina T.V.1, Nechaev D.V.1, Semenov A.N.1, Kirilenko D.A.1, Davydov V.Yu.1, Smirnov A.N.1, Eliseev I.A.1, Posina G.2, Ivanov S.V.1
1Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Linkoping University, Linkoping, Sweden
Email: jmerik@pls.ioffe.ru
Выставление онлайн: 19 апреля 2018 г.

We report on a new approach to fabricate regular arrays of GaN nanorods (NRs) with InGaN QWs by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy (PA MBE) on micro-cone patterned sapphire substrates (mu-CPSSs). A two-stage PA MBE fabrication process of GaN NRs has been developed, starting with a high temperature nucleation layer growth at metal-rich conditions to aggregate selectively GaN nucleus on c-oriented areas of the mu-CPSSs and followed by growth of 1-mum-thick GaN NRs at strongly nitrogen-rich conditions exactly on the cone tips. These results are explained by energetically favorable GaN growth on the (0001) oriented sapphire surface. Both micro-photoluminescence and micro-cathodoluminescence confirm the formation of regular array of optically and spectrally isolated NRs without usage of any nanolithography. Acknowledgements This work has been supported by Russian Science Foundation, grant # 14-22-00107. The TEM measurements have been carried out with the use of equipment of the Federal Joint Research Centre "Material science and characterization in advanced technology" (Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia).

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