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Waveguiding Regime Control by Varying the Refractive Index for MgZnO Sprayed Thin Films
Bouachiba Y.1, Taabouche A.2, Bouabellou A.2, Zemieche A.M.1, Ghellil N.1, Serrar H.3, Aouati R.2, Djaaboube H.2, Hanini F.4, Boukentoucha C.5
1Laboratoire Technologie des Materiaux Avances, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine Malek BENNABI, BP 75A RP Ali Mendjeli --- Constantine, Algerie
2Laboratoire Couches Minces et Interfaces, Universite de Fr`eres Mentouri Constantine 1, Constantine, Algerie
3Research Center in Industrial Technologies (CRTI), BP 64 Cheraga (Alger), Algeria
4Applied and Theoretical Physics Laboratory, University of Larbi Tebessi Tebessa, Constantine Road, Tebessa, Algeria
5Environmental Chemistry and Structural Molecular Research Unit, University of Fr`eres Mentouri Constantine 1, Constantine, Algeria
Email: ybouachiba@gmail.com
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In this work, ZnO and MgZnO thin films were deposited onto glass substrates by spray pyrolysis processes. The structural, optical, electrical, and waveguiding properties of the films were studied over Mg doping levels ranging from 0 to 30 at.%. With an increase of Mg concentration up to 20 at.%, XRD investigation reveals that the films crystallize in single ZnO wurtzite structure with a preferential c-axis orientation. Beyond the solubility limit, phase mixture of MgO cubic rocksalt-type and ZnO wurtzite was taken place. The band gap energy increases from 3.26 to 3.53 eV as Mg concentration increases from 0 to 30 at.%. The carrier concentration considerably decreases from 5.737·1014 to 1.111·1013 cm-3, and the resistivity drastically increases from 19 to 1688 Ω·cm as Mg content increases from 0 to 5 at.%. A great attention has been paid to waveguiding measurements by prism coupler technique. The films were bi-guided up to 15%, single-guided at 20%, and none-guided transverse electric/transverse magnetic polarized modes at 30 at.% of Mg concentration. Simultaneously, the refractive index was found to be decreased with Mg doping. Keywords: MgZnO, spray pyrolysis, band gap, waveguide, refractive index.

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