Electron irradiation hardness of high-voltage 4H-SiC Schottky diodes in the operating temperature range
Lebedev A. A.1, Kozlovski V. V.2, Levinshtein M. E. 1, Malevsky D. A. 1, Kuzmin R. A.1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: melev@nimis.ioffe.ru, kuzminra@mail.ioffe.ru

Effect of irradiation with 0.9 MeV electrons on the parameters of 4H-SiC Schottky diodes with a limiting blocking voltage Ub=600 and 1700 V was studied for the first time in the range of operating temperatures Ti (23 and 175oC). The range of fluences Phi was 1·1016-2·1016 cm-2 for devices with Ub=600 V and 5·1015-1.5·1016 cm-2 for devices with Ub=1700 V. Irradiation at room temperature increases significantly the differential resistance of the base of the diodes. Irradiation with the same doses at Ti=175oC - i.e. at limiting operating temperature of devices, does not affect practically the parameters of current-voltage characteristics. Nevertheless, the DLTS spectra demonstrate a significant increase in the concentration of deep levels in the upper half of the band gap not only after irradiation at room temperature, but also after irradiation at Ti=175oC. Keywords: silicon carbide, Schottky diodes, electron irradiation, current-voltage characteristics, DLTS spectra.
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