Influence of growth conditions from metalorganic compounds on the preparation of n-CdTe epitaxial layers using isopropyl iodide
Moiseev A. N. 1, Evstigneev V. S. 1, Chilyasov A. V.1, Kostunin M. V.1
1Devyatykh Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances, Russian Academy of Sciences, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

The dependence of iodine incorporation in CdTe layers on the deposition conditions during metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy is investigated. The growth of the layers was carried out from dimethylcadmium and diethyltellurium in the hydrogen flow in a vertical reactor with a hot wall condition at a total pressure of 20 kPa. The total iodine concentration was determined by secondary ion mass spectrometry, the electrically active concentration was determined from the Hall effect measurement. The iodine incorporation depends on the crystallographic orientation of the substrate (were studied (100), (310), (111)A, (111)B, (211)A and (211)B), the concentration of the doping precursor (flux range 5·10-8-3·10-6 mol/min), the mole ratio of organometallic compounds (DMCd/DETe = 0.25-4), growth temperature (335-390oC) and the walls of the reactor above the pedestal (hot wall zone 290-320oC). The total iodine concentration reached 5·1018 cm-3 and the activation efficiency was ~4%. After thermal annealing in cadmium vapor at 500oC the activation efficiency was ~100%. Keywords: epitaxial layers, metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy, CdTe, iodine doping, isopropyl iodide, thermal annealing.
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