Low-temperature photoluminescence of WSe2 monolayer obtained by gold-assisted exfoliation
Nikolaev S. N. 1, Bagaev V. S. 1, Chernopitssky M. A. 1, Usmanov I. I.1, Onishchenko E. E. 1, Deeva A. A.1, Krivobok V. S. 1
1Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Email: nikolaev-s@yandex.ru, bagaevvs@lebedev.ru, chernopicskiyma@lebedev.ru, usmanov.ii@phystech.edu, onishchenkoee@lebedev.ru, deeva.aa@phystech.edu, krivobok@sci.lebedev.ru

We studied the optical properties of an atomically thin WSe2 film obtained by gold-assisted mechanical exfoliation. Raman scattering spectra, low-temperature photoluminescence, and micro-reflection from large-scale monolayer are investigated. At room temperature, the optical properties of such a film reproduce the properties of WSe2 monolayers obtained by regular mechanical exfoliation. It is shown that at low temperatures, the radiation spectra of the resulting film are determined by standard mechanisms of radiative recombination involving free excitons, bound excitons, and trions. However, in contrast to room temperatures, there is a significant difference in the spectral width and intensity of the lines compared to monolayers WSe2, obtained regular way from the same source material. The differences found, demonstrating a significant increase in background doping and structural disorder when using gold-assisted exfoliation, may be meaningful for a number of optoelectronic applications of atomically thin WSe2 films. Keywords: layered semiconductors, luminescence, monolayer, escitons.
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