Investigation of the interface layer phase composition obtained by hot pressing of Cr and Si
Solomkin F. Yu.1, Samunin A. Yu.1, Zaitseva N. V.1, Sharenkova N. V.1, Isachenko G. N.1, Novikov S. V.1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

The possibility of synthesizing layers of the medium-temperature thermoelectric CrSi2 by hot pressing of the initial components (Cr and Si) has been investigated. The phase composition of samples obtained by hot pressing of Cr and Si before and after annealing in the region of their contact boundary has been investigated by X-ray analysis. It is shown that, under certain conditions, low-temperature synthesis of a CrSi2 layer with a thickness of 50 to 300 μm is possible at the interface between Cr and Si. The synthesis occurs at a temperature significantly lower than that given in the phase diagram, which opens up new technological possibilities for obtaining the CrSi2 compound. Keywords: thermoelectrics, chromium disilicide, phase interface, X-ray phase analysis.
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