Multi-section thermoelements, advantages and problems of their creation
Shtern M.Yu. 1
1National Research University of Electronic Technology, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia

In this work, the ways of increasing the efficiency of thermoelectric generators are considered. These include an increase in the figure of merit of thermoelectric materials, as well as an increase in the temperature difference between hot and cold junctions of thermoelements and, accordingly, the range of their operating temperatures. The expediency of using thermoelements with multi-section legs has been substantiated. For their creation, effective thermoelectric materials with operating temperatures in the range of 300-1200 K have been proposed. A technique for modeling such thermoelements has been developed. Structures and materials of effective contact systems for multi-section thermoelements have been proposed, a technology for their manufacture has been developed. Ways of switching sections in thermoelement legs are considered. The thermal expansion of thermoelectric materials is investigated and a method for damping thermal stresses in the design of a thermoelement is proposed. The problem of thermoelectric material sublimation at high temperatures was solved by using protective coatings. Key words: thermoelectric generators, multi-section thermoelements, thermoelectric materials, thermal and electrophysical properties, contact systems, protecting coatings.
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