Terahertz radiation detector based on thermoelectric material Bi88Sb12*
Makarova E. S. 1, Asach A. V. 1, Tkhorzhevskiy I. L. 1, Sedinin A. D. 1, Zykov D. V.1, Zaitsev A. D. 1, Demchenko P. 1, Novoselov M. G. 1, Komarov V. A. 2, Tukmakova A. S. 1, Novotelnova A.V. 1, Kablukova N. S. 1,2,3, Khodzitsky M.K. 1
1 ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia
3St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: makarova_helena_2011@mail.ru, avasach@itmo.ru, tkhorzhevskiy.ivan.l@gmail.com, adsedinin@itmo.ru, dvzykov@itmo.ru, a.zaytsev@niuitmo.ru, petr.s.demchenko@gmail.com, m.nvslv@gmail.com, va-komar@yandex.ru, astukmakova@itmo.ru, novotelnova@yandex.ru, kablukova.natali@yandex.ru, khodzitskiy@yandex.ru

Terahertz radiation is very promising for visualization, detection and data transfer. Searching for sensitive, fast and compact THz detector that operates at room temperature is a common subject for these applications. Hence, there is still an issue of searching for new materials for THz radiation detection. Solid solutions based on thermoelectric bismuth and antimony appear to have significant potential for these applications. In this paper photoresponse of thermoelectric material Bi88Sb12 has been studied for the first time. Films with thicknesses of 70 and 150 nm were studied under influence of radiation at frequency of 0.14 THz. Keywords: terahertz radiation, photoresponse, bismuth, antimony, thermoelectric materials, thin films.
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