Electron Diffraction Study of Phase Formation in Nano Layers of Cu2Te-In2Te3, Cu-In-Te Systems and Short-Range Atomic Order in Amorphous CuIn5Te8 Films
Dashdamirova G. E.1, Asgerov E. B. 2,3, Ismailov D. I. 1
1Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
2Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
3National Center for Nuclear Research, Baku, Azerbaijan
Email: elmar.asgerov@gmail.com

It is shown that with the simultaneous and sequential deposition of films of the Cu2Te-In2Te3 system, as well as copper, indium, and tellurium of the highest purity used as starting materials, ~99.999%, taken in the ratio Cu : In : Te = 1 : 5 : 8, regardless of the deposition order ternary compounds of the compositions CuInTe2, CuIn3Te5, and CuIn5Te8 in the crystalline state are distinguished. During vacuum condensation of films on single-crystal substrates NaCl, KCl and amorphous celluloid cooled by liquid nitrogen to 203 K, the resulting films obtained both by co-evaporation of binary compounds of the Cu2Te-In2Te3 system and by the synthesis of thin layers applied by Cu, In, Te are amorphous. For the first time in nanosized amorphous films of the composition CuIn5Te8, crystallizing in the tetragonal system with the periods of unit cells a=6.162 Angstrem, c=12.291 Angstrem, obtained both under normal conditions and under the influence of an external electric field with a strength of 500 V·cm-1, the structure of the short-range atomic order is established - the number of nearest neighbors - coordination numbers and radius of coordination spheres. It was revealed that in amorphous CuIn5Te8 films obtained under the influence of an external electric field, in which the matrices consist of tetrahedral and octahedral environments of atoms, in opposite to films that are formed outside the field, the number of nearest neighbors remains unchanged, the radius of coordination spheres and interatomic distances are somewhat are shortened. Keywords: phase formation, elektronogram, radial distribution function of atoms (RDFA), coherent electron scattering.
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