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Coulomb interaction controlled room temperature oscillation of tunnel current in porous Si
Afonin V.V.1,2, Gurevich V.L.1,2, Laiho R.1, Pavlov A.1, Pavlova Y.1
1Wihuri Physical Laboratory, University of Turku, FI Turku, Finland
2Solid State Physics Division, A.F. Ioffe Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia
Поступила в редакцию: 15 декабря 1997 г.
Выставление онлайн: 20 мая 1998 г.

A novel phenomenon of regular oscillations is observed in I-V characteristics of porous silicon under illumination by visible light. The measurements are performed at room temperature using a scanning tunneling microscope. The heights of the oscillation peaks appear to be a linear function of the oscillation number. The experimental value of the Coulomb energy determined from the oscillation period is much smaller than kBT. The oscillations are attributed to a Coulomb effect, i. e. to the periodic trapping of a multielectron level in a quantum well within a Si nanocrystal under the combined influence of the voltage variation at the STM tip and the Coulomb interaction among the carriers.
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