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High coercivity powders based on Sm-Fe-Ta-N prepared by a novel technique
Zuzek Kristina1, Drazic Goran1, J. McGuiness Paul1, Kobe Spomenka1
1Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Email: spomenka.kobe@ijs.si
Выставление онлайн: 20 июля 2002 г.

Nitrided Sm2Fe17-based materials possess excellent intrinsic magnetic properties, and in this study we have investigated two compositions: Sm13.7Fe86.3 and Sm13.8Fe82.2Ta4.0. The stoichiometry of each phase was determined and the SmFeTa material was found to include Ta3Fe7, in addition to the Sm2Fe17, SmFe2 and SmFe3 phases observed in the SmFe alloy, but without the alpha-iron dendrites which are characteristic of the binary material. SEM and TEM studies revealed that in the cast structure some 2.0% Ta is initially dissolved in the Sm2(FeTa)17 phase, however, HDDR processing causes the formation of Ta-based precipitates leaving the 2 : 17 with much less dissolved Ta. The HDDR process, with subsequent nitrogenation, was used to prepare coercive powders. The coercivities of these powders were found to be very dependent on HDDR conditions and Ta addition. The highest coercivity achieved was 1280 kA/m for the composition with Ta. The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia is gratefully acknowledged for the financial support.
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