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C60 molecular configurations leading to ferromagnetic exchange interactions in TDAE*C60
Narymbetov B.1, Omerzu A.2, Kabanov V.2, Tokumoto M.1,3, Kobayashi H.1, Mihailovic D.2
1Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki 444, Japan
2Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
3Electrotechnical Laboratory, Umezono, Tsukuba, Japan
Выставление онлайн: 17 февраля 2002 г.

The charge-transfer salt tetrakis(demethylamino)ethylene-fullerene (C60) or TDAE*C60 is a rare exception among pure organic crystalline systems because it shows a transition to a ferromagnetic (FM) state with fully saturated s=1/2 molecular spins at a respectable Tc=16 K. In spite of extensive experimental and theoretical work in the last ten years, the origin of the ferromagnetism in TDAE*C60 has remained mysterious. To resolve this problem we have performed a comparative structural study of two different magnetic forms of TDAE*C60 crystals, one being magnetic and the other nonmagnetic, at low temperatures, fully correlating the structural properties - and particularly the inter-molecular orientations - with the magnetic properties. We have identified the relative orientations of C60 molecules along the c-axis as the primary variable controlling the ferromagnetic order parameter and have shown that both FM and low-temperature spin-glass-like ordering are possible in this material, depending on the orientational state of C60 molecules. Thus we have resolved the apparent contradictions posed by different macroscopic measurements and have opened the way to a microscopic understanding of p-electron FM exchange interactions.
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