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Photomagnetism of metals. First observation of dependence on polarization of light
Gurevich V.L.1, Laiho R.2
1Solid State Physics Division, A.F. Ioffe Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2Wihuri Physical Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Turku, FI Turku, Finland
Поступила в редакцию: 24 февраля 2000 г.
Выставление онлайн: 19 сентября 2000 г.

We report first observation of the polarization dependence of the d. c. photocurrent induced by illumination in Cu. The dependence of d. c. photocurrent on the direction of the plane of light polarization is measured. In agreement with the theoretical considerations, the current parallel to the plane of light incidence is a symmetric function of the angle between this plane and the plane of light polarization. The angular-dependent part of the current perpendicular to the plane of light incidence is an antisymmetric function of the angle. One of the authors (V.L.G.) is pleased to acknowledge Turku University for the hospitality extended to him while the work on this paper was done. He is grateful to Wihuri Foundation for financial support. He also wishes to acknowledge support for the work by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Grant N 97-02-18286-a).
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  7. There are three terms in Eq. (5) of Ref. [3] for the surface QT current. Actually the two last terms can be merged into one and therefore there are only two terms in Eq. (9)

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