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Phase Transition to the Conducting State in a System of Charge-Transfer Excitons at a Donor-Acceptor Interface
Agranovich V.M.1, Kiselev S.A.1, Soos Z.G.2, Forrest S.R.2
1Institute of Spectroscopy of Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moscow region, Russia
2The Princeton Materials Institute, Princeton University, NJ Princeton, USA
Email: agran@isan.troitsk.ru
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We discuss the phase transition to the conducting state in a system of 2D charge-transfer excitons (CTEs) at a donor-acceptor interface. The phase transition arises due to strong dipole-dipole repulsion between CTEs which stimulates the population of free carriers in higher energy states even at low temperature. We use the computer simulations with the random distribution of excitons, and finite lifetime is explicitly taken into account. The critical concentration of CTEs and their energy distribution are calculated. We also discuss the possibility of observing the predicted phenomena.
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