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Direct calculation of transition intensities in LiYF4 : Nd3+
Zhang Jinsu1,2, Zhang Jiahua1, Liu Feng3, Wang Xiao-jun1,4
1Key Laboratory of Excited State Processes, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, China
2Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences,, Beijing, China
3Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
4Department of Physics, Georgia Southern University, GA Statesboro, USA
Email: zjiahua@public.cc.jl.cn
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We will extend Duan's simple model to analyze the mixing of the 4fN-15d-configuration with the 4fN-states. We consider the explicit static coupling and traditional dynamic coupling, and fit the parameters according to the absorption spectrum in LiYF4 : Nd3+. The parameters obtained are T32=-28i·10-7, T52=-1151i·10-7, A232=192i·10-12 cm, A452=i·10-12 cm, A672=54i·10-12 cm and A676=-680i·10-12 cm. Compared to the experimental measurements, the present model yields better results than whose obtained from the Judd--Ofelt theory. This work is financially supported by the MOST of China (2006CB601104, 2006AA03A138) and the National Nature Science Foundation of China (10574128, 10504031). PACS: 71.15.Qe, 71.20.Eh, 71.70.Ch, 78.20.Bh
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