Impulse impact on the wall upon the interaction of a shock with an ellipsoidal near-wall gas bubble of increased density
Sirenko A. G.1, Sutyrin O. G.1
1Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Based on the numerical solution of the Euler equations, the problem of the interaction of a shock wave with an ellipsoidal gas bubble of increased density adjacent to a solid wall is studied. The process of refraction and focusing of the shock wave is described - the formation and reflection of transverse shock waves from the axis of symmetry and from the wall. It is found that, depending on the shape of the bubble, qualitatively different flow regimes take place, in which the focusing of the wave on the axis of symmetry occurs before or after the beginning of the reflection of the wave transmitted through the bubble from the wall. The grid convergence of various measures of impulse shock impact on the wall is studied and their dependence on the bubble shape is determined. The highest pressure impulse is achieved for slightly flattened bubbles, when the transverse waves are focused near the center of the wall immediately after the plane transmitted wave is reflected from it. Keywords: shock wave, gas bubble, wall, shock focusing, cumulation. DOI: 10.61011/TPL.2023.08.56693.19608
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