Frequency dependence measuring of skin-effect on metal wires with circular cross-section
Prasolov N. D.1, Lihachev A. I.1, Sokolov R. V.1, Levin A. A.1, Narykova M. V.1, Kadomtsev A. G.1, Brunkov P. N.1, Sultanov M. M.2, Strizhichenko A. V.2, Boldyrev I. A.2
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
2 Moscow Power Engineering Institute, National Research University, Volzhsky branch, Moscow

The results of measurements of the frequency dependence of the active resistance of a circular cross-section of aluminum and copper conductors with a various diameter in a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 2 MHz are presented. Using the skin effect simulation we show that for all types of wires an increased active resistance observed, compared to the theoretical values in the frequency range above 200 kHz, where the skin layer thickness becomes less than 200 μm. This phenomenon may be associated with the manufacturing process of a metal wire by drawing through a die, when defects are formed in the near-surface layer, leading to its increased resistivity. Keywords: electrical resistance, aluminum wires, copper wires.
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