The effect of the target material and the size of the irradiated volume on the efficiency of ozone synthesis in plasma created by pulsed electron beam in air
Kuznetsov D. L. 1, Surkov Yu. S. 1, Filatov I. E. 1
1Institute of Electrophysics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg, Russia

The effect of the target material and the size of the irradiated volume on the efficiency of ozone synthesis in air under the action of a pulsed electron beam is investigated. Graphite and lead targets were used. The highest concentration of ozone was observed in a chamber without a target, and the highest specific ozone yield without consideration of electron reflection (230 g· (kW· h)-1) was observed in a chamber with a lead target at a minimum air gap (3 cm). The results are explained by the processes of multiple reflection of electrons from elements with a high atomic number at small air gaps compared to the size of the target. Keywords: pulsed electron beam, ozone synthesis, non-equilibrium plasma, electron reflection. DOI: 10.61011/TPL.2023.09.56699.19648
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