Investigation of concentrator photovoltaic modules with reflective secondary optical elements
N.A. Sadchikov1, N.S. Potapovich1, D.A. Malevsky1, N.Yu. Davidyk1, A.V. Andreeva1, A.V. Chekalin1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

The characteristics of concentrator photovoltaic modules based on a 120x120 mm Fresnel lens with secondary concentrators in the form of hollow aluminum focons with internal mirror walls are studied. The optimal sizes and configurations of secondary concentrators are determined to increase the efficiency of focusing systems of concentrator modules. The maximum value of the allowable misorientation angle was obtained, equal to ±0.75o, corresponding to a power drop to a level of 90% relative to the maximum power value of the concentrator photovoltaic module at normal beam incidence. For a module with the most efficient focon 40 mm high and side face slope angles of 17o, the maximum efficiency of the module under laboratory conditions was obtained, equal to 35.15%. Under natural conditions, the efficiency value reached 33.8%. The results obtained correspond to the level achieved for the best foreign analogues. Keywords: concentrator photovoltaic modules, Fresnel lens, focon, secondary optical element, acceptance angle. DOI: 10.61011/TP.2023.06.56529.239-22
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