Electrothermal sound receivers
Legusha F. F. 1, Vasiliev B. P. 1, Oleynik M. M. 1, Razrezova K. V. 2
1State Marine Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia
2LLC "Soundproofing European Technologies", St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: kv_neveselova@mail.ru

An analysis of the physical processes occurring during the emission of sound waves by electrothermal sound sources (thermophones) showed that a thermophone is a reversible physical system. This made it possible to determine the conditions under which the convertion of an acoustic signal into an alternating electric current can be carried out on the thermophone active element and, hence, the system will respond to an external acoustic field. Keywords: acoustic signal, active element, metal film, electric current, electrothermal receiver.
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