Simulation of ion irradiation of crystalline and amorphous targets tokamak-reactor first wall materials
Meluzova D. S.1, Babenko P. Yu.1, Zinoviev A. N.1, Shergin A. P.1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

An overview of results concerning simulation of various processes which occur due to atomic bombardment of crystalline and amorphous solids is presented. With the use of original computational codes, the following data were obtained: reflection coefficients, projected energy losses and ranges of ions in solids, channeling data as well as sputtering yield and its dependence on incident angle of bombarding particles for Be-W and Ne-W combinations. Be, C and W targets were studied as these are among the plasma-facing materials in tokamaks, including ITER. The emphasis was made on atom-target combinations which lack reliable experimental data. Experimental data on other materials were used to verify calculations. A significant influence of the interaction potential used on the simulation results is shown. The reviewed results are tied by a common subject a study of interaction of plasma ions and first-wall materials of a tokamak-reactor and also by a common method of study the use of an original computational code. Keywords: scattering, ion sputtering, interaction potential, energy release.
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