Features of silicon carbide synthesis by cold implantation of carbon recoil atoms
Zinenko V. I. 1, Agafonov Yu. A. 1, Saraikin V. V. 2, Eremenko V. G. 1, Sedlovets D. M. 1, Irzhak D. V. 1
1Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow oblast, Russia
2Lukin Scientific Research Institute of Physical Problems, Moscow, Zelenograd, Russia
Email: zinenko@iptm.ru, agafonov@iptm.ru, vvsaraikin@yandex.ru, eremenko@iptm.ru, sedlovets@iptm.ru, irzhak@iptm.ru

The Auger electron spectroscopy method confirmed a high concentration of carbon atoms (~ 85 at.%) introduced into silicon by cold implantation of recoil atoms. Carbon atoms are concentrated in a thin (~ 5 nm) near-surface region of silicon. Annealing of such a structure did not reveal a noticeable diffusion of carbon, which prevents obtaining a layer of SiC with a thickness of more than a few nm. This problem was solved by using radiation-enhanced diffusion. This made it possible to control the distribution profiles of carbon atoms in a wide range. Annealing at 1150oC allowed obtaining layers of amorphous-crystalline SiC with a thickness of 50-150 nm. Higher annealing temperatures are required to obtain a single-crystal SiC film. Keywords: cold implantation, radiation-enhanced diffusion, silicon carbide, recoil atom, thin films.
  1. V.I. Zinenko, Yu.A. Agafonov, V.V. Saraykin, V.G.Eremenko, D.V. Roshchupkin, D.M. Sedlovets, Mater. Lett., 233, 115 (2018). DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2018.08.107
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