Elastic scattering of ruthenium atoms from Si and O atoms in the range of relative kinetic energies of 2-200 eV
Palov A. P. 1
1Lomonosov Moscow State University, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow, Russia
Email: a.palov@mail.ru

Interconnector technologies of a new generation involve the use of ruthenium. The high cost of experimental study of sputtering and etching of trenches in Ru leads to the need to optimize it by modeling that requires knowledge of the cross sections of elementary processes of interaction of plasma particles with Ru. In this work, the binary interatomic potentials of Ru-Ru and Ru-Si pairs tested by the molecular dynamics method, and the Ru-O one calculated by the method of multi-reference configurational interaction MRCI/AV5Z were used to calculate the elastic scattering cross sections of the atomic pairs in the energy range typical of plasma etching chambers. Keywords: ruthenium, elastic scattering, cross sections, sputtering, binary potential.
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