Investigation of power IR (850 nm) light-emitting diodes manufacturing by lift-off technique of AlGaAs-GaAs- heterostructure to carrier-substrate
A. V. Malevskaya1, N. A. Kalyuzhnyy 1, F. Y. Soldatenkov 1, R.V. Levin1, R.A. Salii1, D. A. Malevskii 1, P.V. Pokrovskii1, V.R. Larionov 1, V. M. Andreev1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Development of lift-off technique of AlGaAs/GaAs- heterostructures, grown by the Metalorganic vapour-phase epitaxy, to GaAs carrier-substrate using silver-containing paste or Au-In compound has been carried out. Forming process of frontal ohmic contact to GaAs n-type conductivity based on contact systems Au(Ge)/Ni/Au and Pd/Ge/Au with specific contact resistance (2-5)·10-6 Ω·cm2 has been investigated. Analyzed was the influence of heterostructure lift-off technique and forming process of frontal ohmic contact on the IR light-emitting diodes parameters: minimum light-emitting diodes (1 mm2 square) series resistance was 0.16 Ω. Optical power 270 mW at current 1.5 A has been achieved. Keywords: AlGaAs/GaAs- heterostructure, light-emitting diode, transfer to carrier-substrate, Au-In- compound, ohmic contacts.
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