Dynamics of ions in the plume of the stationary plasma thruster operating with Krypton
Merkurev D. V. 1, Baranov S. V.1, Kim V. P. 1, Melnikov A. V.1, Shilov E. V.1
1Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia
Email: riame4@mai.ru, riame4@sokol.ru

The results of the spatial accelerated ion flow density distribution and of the mean energy of ions exhausting thruster and moving in the different directions in the plume of the stationary plasma thruster operating with Krypton of the experimental SPT model of new scheme operating with Krypton are presented in the given paper. There are also presented the results of the directed radial and "back" ion flows in the vicinity of the mentioned SPT experimental model. Keywords: Stationary Plasma Thruster, gas discharge, crossed electric and magnetic fields, propellant flow ionization and accleration, plume divergence, radial and "back" ion flows.
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