Improving the dissolution of lidocaine by dispersing the rapid expansion of supercritical solution
Kuznetsova I. V. 1, Sandugey N. S. 1, Gil'mutdinov I. I. 1, Gil'mutdinov I. M. 1, Sabirzyanov A. N. 1
1Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

An experimental study of the grinding of lidocaine by the rapid expansion of supercritical solutions (RESS method) was carried out. The experiments were carried out in the pressure range of 10-35 MPa and temperatures of 308-333 K. The analysis of the morphology and size of particles, as well as the effect of the process parameters on them, was carried out. Qualitative and quantitative spectrophotometric analysis was carried out. The dissolution test was carried out in a phosphate buffered saline medium simulating plasma, which showed that the reduction in particle size gave an increased yield of the drug in a shorter period of time compared to the original drug that was not treated. Keywords: supercritical fluid, microparticles, spectrophotometric analysis, lidocaine.
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