Coupled heat transfer in the cavity of constant volume with pulse-periodical energy supply
Volkov K.N.1, Emelyanov V.N.1, Karpenko A.G.2
1Baltic State Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia
2St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

The possibilities of organizing a repetitively pulsed process with given frequency characteristics in a cavity of constant volume with an external energy supply to the working gas mixture are considered. Modelling of gas-dynamic and thermal processes is carried out using the numerical solution of the conjugate heat transfer problem. The gas medium is described on the basis of a viscous compressible gas model. To find the temperature field in the walls of the structure, the equation of non-stationary heat conduction is solved. The conjugation of temperature fields in a gas and a solid is carried out using an iterative procedure. In the calculations, the geometrical parameters of the cavity, the density of the energy supply, the initial pressure, and the composition of the working mixture are varied. The results of calculations obtained in the framework of the one-dimensional and two-dimensional formulation of the problem under the action of both a single pulse and a series of pulses are compared. The results obtained demonstrate the possibility of implementing the required frequency characteristics of the process for given geometric and energy parameters. Keywords: pulse-periodical energy process, gas laser, coupled heat transfer, numerical simulation, energy supply, pulse.
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