Electronic structure of variants of compositions of scandate and nickel-oxide cathodes of microwave devices
Kapustin V. I.1, Li I. P.2, Serpichev A. S.1, Shumanov A. V.2, Kozhevnikova N. E.2
1MIREA - Russian Technological University, Moscow, Russia
2Pluton JSC, Moscow, Russia
Email: kapustin@mirea.ru

By methods of electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis and spectroscopy of characteristic losses of electron energy, the electronic structure of barium oxide crystallites doped with other chemical elements, including scandium from scandium-containing phases, was investigated. The physical and physicochemical conditions are formulated, the fulfillment of which allows to form the electronic structure of the scandate cathode with a high level of thermionic emission: the achievement of the minimum ratio of the surface volume concentration of oxygen vacancies and the maximum distance between the top of the valence band and the Fermi level. Keywords: microwave devices, cathodes, thermionic emission, output operation, electronic structure, electron spectroscopy.
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