Anomalous response of a stratified medium to volume heat release
L. Kh. Ingel 1
1Typhoon Research and Production Association, Obninsk, Kaluga oblast, Russia

A linear stationary problem of the response of a semi-bounded stably stratified fluid/gaseous medium to volumetric spatially inhomogeneous heat release in the Boussinesq approximation is theoretically investigated. The most important similarity parameters are the analogue of the Rayleigh number and the aspect ratio of the source of buoyancy. For a perturbation in the form of a single horizontal harmonic, an analytical solution has been found that makes it possible to analyze a number of significant regularities. The nontrivial possibility of an intense hydrothermodynamic response to a weak heat release at a certain ratio of the mentioned parameters is found. Keywords: stratified medium, volume heat release, convection, density flows, analytical solution, intense response, instability.
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