Sputtering of carbide films from the surface of the metal by helium ions bombardment
Manukhi V.V. 1
1National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russia
Email: ManukhinVV@mpei.ru

The paper investigates the dependence of the sputtering yields by light ions bombardment of the surface layers of titanium and tungsten, modified with carbon, on the thickness of the layer. The theoretical study was conducted on the basis of a sputtering model (previously adapted to describe the sputtering of two-component targets and layered-inhomogeneous surfaces), based on two sputtering mechanisms, which allows to analyze the obtained dependencies. Theoretical calculations of the total yields sputtering by helium ions bombardment of the surface layers of titanium and tungsten modified with carbon are given in comparison with the results of computer simulation obtained using the SRIM-2013pro program. Keywords: modified surface, ion bombardment, sputtering, light ions, layered surface, metal carbide, sputtering yield, partial sputtering yield.
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