Sub-Doppler resonances caused by photoionization of atoms in thin gas cells
Izmailov A. Ch.1
1Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

By analogy with the well-tested method of high-resolution spectroscopy in thin gas cells for the processes of optical pumping of atoms, this work shows the possibility of detecting narrow sub-Doppler optical resonances caused directly by straight photoionization of atoms (or molecules) in such cells. The structure of the established nontrivial resonances substantially depends on the probability of photoionization of atoms and dimensions of such a cell, the internal thickness of which is many times smaller than its diameter. Of particular interest is the broadening of the considered sub-Doppler resonances, which is determined directly by the photoionization cross section of atoms and the intensity of radiation causing ionization. Under certain conditions, such photoionization broadening can be measured experimentally with high accuracy, as a result of which it is possible to obtain new important information about ionization processes in atoms and molecules. Keywords: sub-Doppler resonances, photoionization of atoms, thin gas cell, transit-time relaxation of atoms.
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