Temperature modes and mechanical stresses in photovoltaic converters of concentrated sunlight
Panchak A. N.1, Shvarts M. Z.1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email: a.panchak@mail.ioffe.ru

In photovoltaic converters of concentrated sunlight, the thermal flow is directed from the photoactive region (p-n junction) to a heat-spreading basement through the substrate. The heat sink transfers the excess thermal to the environment by convection or cooled by a liquid carrier. Reducing the thickness of the substrate makes it possible to reduce the thermal resistance of the crystal and lower the operating temperature of the photoactive region. However, in this case, the mechanical stresses in it increase. This work discusses the balance between the mechanical strength of the sample and the decrease in its operating temperature. Keywords: photovoltaic converters, heat sink, temperature regime, mechanical stress.
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