Determining the parameters of the LiPON ionic system from the curves of diffusional relaxation of polarization
Rudy A. S.1, Lebedev M. E.1, Novozhilova A. V.1
1Demidov State University, Yaroslavl, Russia

The results of studying the ionic system parameters of the LiPON solid electrolyte by the voltage relaxation method on the polarized Ti|LiPON|Ti structure are presented. The measurements were carried out at temperatures of 223, 248, 273, and 300 K on a bench consisting of a thermostat, a charger, a charge-discharge switching device, and a recording circuit. The samples in the form of Ti|LiPON|Ti test structures charged to a voltage of 1 V were discharged through an external load with a nominal value of 1 MΩ, 100, 10, and 1 kΩ, and 10 Ω curves U(t) were recorded. A mathematical model of diffusion relaxation of polarization is developed, which approximates the discharge curves U(t). The method of fitting the parameters of the approximating dependence was used to determine the equilibrium concentration of lithium ions, the effective thickness of the electrical double layer, and the volume relaxation time of nonequilibrium ions. Keywords: solid electrolyte, ionic conductivity, polarization, through conduction current, electrical double layer, diffusion.
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