Angular distributions and polarization correlations of two-photon spherical states
Moorad A1, Mkrtchian Vanik E.2
1Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography, University of North Carolina Wilmington, Wilmington, NC, USA
2Institute for Physical Research, Armenian Academy of Sciences, Ashtarak, Republic of Armenia

The properties of angular polarization at the center of mass reference of a system of two-photon spherical Landau states in momentum space are analyzed in detail. The angular distributions for fixed values of J and M do not depend on the parity of P, but are determined by two different functions of the polar angle between the relative momentum and the quantization axes. Two-photon polarization density matrices are derived for each value of J, M and P. The correlations of the linear polarization of individual photons are analyzed in detail. In addition to the usual correlation laws for J ≥ 2, expressed in terms of sin and cos angles between analyzer orientations, correlations are found in terms of the sum of analyzer orientation angles. Keywords: two-photon states, quantum entanglement, parity, selection rules, helicity, polarization, angular momentum, Wigner function, stokes parameters.
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