Influence of ion irradiation on the properties of thin superconducting NbN films
Gurovich B. A.1, Prikhodko K. E. 1,2, Kutuzov L. V.1, Goncharov B. V.1, Komarov D. A.1, Malieva E. M.1, Golubev G. Yu.1
1National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow, Russia
2National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia

It is shown that composite ion irradiation of a thin NbN film to a fluence of 8.5·1016 cm-2, smaller than the optimal one (10·1016 cm-2), can be used to create cryogenic integrated resistors if the values of the operating currents of the device are greater than all the characteristic transition currents for irradiated and stabilized by annealing films. At the same time, smaller resistance values per square are realized, which allows one to create smaller values of integrated resistance. It is demonstrated that annealing of the irradiated film at a temperature of 600oC leads to a partial return of superconducting properties and is accompanied by the appearance of two superconducting transitions at critical current densities of 0.45·106 A/cm2 and 1·106 A/cm2, which must be taken into account when it is necessary to use stabilizing annealing at elevated temperature. Keywords: NbN thin superconducting films, radiation methods for changing the atomic composition of thin-film superconductors, ion irradiation, cryogenic electronic devices. DOI: 10.61011/PSS.2023.07.56430.24H
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