Physics of the Solid State
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Radiation-stimulated phase transition to superionic state of the crystal TlSe
Sardarly R. M.1, Alieva N. A.1, Salmanov F. T.1, Gakhramanova S. M.1, Mehtieva R. N.1, Agaeva R. Sh.2
1Institute of Radiation Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
2Mingechaur State University, Mingechaur, Azerbaijan

The temperature-frequency dependences of: electrical conductivity (sigma(μ,T)), the real and imaginary parts of the complex permittivity (ε'(ν,T)) and (ε''(ν,T)), the complex impedance of the TlSe compound when exposed to various doses of gamma radiation. The process of the occurrence of concentration polarization at the boundary of the ion conductor blocking contact is investigated. The temperature-frequency-dose interval of the occurrence of ionic conductivity and the Warburg impedance has been established and a radiationally stimulated phase transition to the superionic state of the TlSe crystal has been detected. Keywords: complex impedance, blocking contact, of ionic conductivity.
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