Physics of the Solid State
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Growth and stability of surface chemical compounds in interaction between Be and (1010) Re surface
Rut'kov E. V.1, Gall N. R.1
1Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

It is shown that the adsorption of Be on Re (1010) in the temperature range of 850-950 K leads to the formation of specific adsorption states - surface chemical compounds (SC) of ReBe stoichiometry with a concentration of adsorbed NBe atoms of ~1.4·1015 cm-2. A multilayer film of beryllium (3-4 layers) is destroyed upon heating, and at 900 K all Be atoms leave the surface into the bulk of rhenium, except those that are part of the SC; atoms from the SC, in turn, actively dissolve at T>1050-1150 K. This corresponds to a decrease in the activation energy of dissolution upon the formation of SC from about 3.3 to 2.7 eV. Thermal desorption of beryllium takes place only at T>2100 K due to the emergence of Be atoms dissolved in the bulk of the metal onto the surface. Keywords: beryllium, rhenium, surface chemical compounds, dissolution, thermal desorption
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