The Effect of phonon focusing on the mutual drag of electrons and phonons and the electrical resistance of potassium
Kuleyev I. G.1, Kuleyev I. I.1
1M.N. Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg, Russia

The effect influence of elastic energy anisotropy on the mutual drag of electrons and phonons and the electrical resistance of potassium crystals at low temperatures have investigated. We have analyzed the momentum exchange between the electron and three phonon flows corresponding to three branches of the vibrational spectrum in the hydrodynamic approximation. The actual mechanisms of phonon momentum relaxation have taken into account: scattering at sample boundaries, dislocations, and in the processes of phonon-phonon transfer. It have shown that in the limiting case of strong mutual drag of electrons and phonons, the electrical resistance will be much lower than that given by the Bloch-Gruneisen theory, and the phonon and electron drift velocities are close and they are determined by the total phonon relaxation rate in resistive scattering processes. In the opposite case, when resistive scattering processes dominate for phonons and the phonon system remains in equilibrium, then the electrical resistance follows the Bloch-Gruneisen theory. In this case, the drift velocities of all modes are different and much less than the electron drift velocity. Keywords: electrical resistance, elastic anisotropy, electron-phonon relaxation.
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