Accelerated modes of obtaining Ti(Bi)-HTSC ceramic samples and its record characteristics in the Hubbard model
Altukhov V. I. 1,2,3, Vigaev V. P.1, Savvin V. S. 2,1,3, Sankin A. V. 1,2,3, Kalitka V. S. 3,1,2
1North-Caucasian Federal University, Stavropol, Russia
2National Research Nuclear University "Moscow Engineering Physics Institute", Institute of Atomic Energy, Obninsk, Russia
3Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Accelerated modes of synthesis of thallium-containing samples (tablets) of HTSC ceramics with record superconducting transition temperatures (T_c=124 K or more) and with critical current densities (Jc) up to thousands of A/cm2 were found. A technology of stable standard (two-stage) accelerated synthesis (less than a day instead of 48 hours) of thallium HTS ceramics has been developed. The synthesis process has been significantly reduced in time (compared to the known two-stage technologies). According to the fractures of the conduction curves sigma(T) and magnetic susceptibility chi(T), possible values of Tc up to 205 K are determined. In the Hubbard model, the dependences of T_c(x), magnetic susceptibility chi(T) and conductivity sigma(T) on the concentration of x cations Me2+x, Me = Pb or Bi, and temperature T are determined. The results of the relevant calculations are consistent with the experimental data. Keywords: Tl(Bi)-HTSC ceramics, record superconducting transition temperatures, accelerated synthesis, magnetic susceptibility, electrical conductivity.
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