The Backscattering Polarization for a Sphere with a Two-Scale Relief of Rough Surface
Klass E.V.1, Ulyanov S.A.1, Belorybkin I.Y.1
1Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Central research institute of chemistry and mechanics» (FGUP «CNIIHM»), Moscow, Russia
Email:, ulyanov.sergey@gmailcom,

The paper presents the results of studies of the polarization of backscattered optical radiation for a model of a sphere with a wavy surface covered with arbitrarily oriented ellipsoidal pores. The calculations were performed by the Monte Carlo method (ROKS-RG program, geometrical optics approximation). Surface roughness of objects is taken into account using local geometries. It is shown that for structures whose pores contain a vitreous medium, the presence of vacuum voids between a transparent and opaque medium determines the nature of the phase dependence of the degree of polarization. In the absence of vacuum, the polarization is always positive and, for small phase angles, depends significantly on the optical characteristics of an opaque medium. The presence of vacuum is a catalyst for the growth of the p-component of the reflected radiation. This leads to a significant decrease in the amplitude of the positive polarization branch. Differences in the optical characteristics of opaque materials are also leveled out, and in some cases negative values of the degree of polarization are observed in the region of small phase angles. Keywords: polarization, geometrical optics approximation, Monte Carlo method, rough surface, Two-Scale Relief.
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