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Structure formation processes in fullerene mixtures
Khusnutdinov R.M. 1,2, Khairullina R.R.1
1Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia
2Udmurt Federal Research Center, Ural Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, Izhevsk, Russia

Glass formation processes in condensed matter are characterized by some specific short-range order changes in the arrangement of particles (atoms/molecules/ions). So, the short-range structural order in supercooled liquids and glasses is characterized by fivefold symmetry in the arrangement of particles, often referred to as icosahedral (ideal or distorted) short-range order. This article is devoted to the study of local structural features of the supercooled melt of the A20B80 fullerene mixture (where A = C60 and B = C70) obtained under various cooling protocols in order to elucidate the mechanism of formation of the icosahedral short-range order in binary molecular liquids. Comprehensive studies of the properties of a fullerene mixture melt were carried out using large-scale molecular dynamics simulations followed by structural and cluster analysis. The crystallization temperature and the critical glass transition temperature of the system were calculated to be T_m~1439 K and T_c~1238 K, respectively. It has been established that the crystallization of a binary fullerene mixture proceeds according to the polycrystalline scenario with the formation of clusters with fcc and hcp symmetries. It is shown that in a supercooled fullerene mixture, the short-range icosahedral order is formed by an insignificant number of ideal icosahedral clusters and a certain set of distorted icosahedral clusters, the fraction of which remains practically unchanged at temperatures below the critical glass transition temperature. Keywords: molecular dynamics, fullerenes, short-range order, structural ordering.
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