Nonlinear effects of spin wave propagation in a bilayer magnon waveguide
Odintsov S. A.1, Lock E. H.2, Beginin E. N.1, Sadovnikov A. V.1
1Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia
2Fryazino Branch of the Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Fryazino, Russia

The possibility of frequency-selective propagation of spin waves in a linear and nonlinear mode in a magnon microwave medium consisting of two layers with different values of the magnetization saturation of each layer is demonstrated. It is shown that multimode propagation of spin waves can be carried out inside the two-layer structure in two frequency ranges, with an increase in the power of the input microwave signal leading to a change in the boundaries of both frequency ranges. At the same time, this process is accompanied by a strong nonreciprocity of the spin-wave signal propagation, which manifests itself in a change in the amplitude-frequency characteristics when the direction of the external magnetic field is reversed, with a nonlinear mode change in the frequency bandwidth borders can change with increasing pumping power. The proposed concept of a two-layer spin-wave waveguide can form the basis for the fabrication of nonlinear magnon elements demonstrating interconnection functions with support for multiband modes of operation. Keywords: magnonics, nonlinearity, nonlinear systems, multilayer systems, spin waves.
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