Study of silicon-to-silicon carbide transformation stages in the process of atomic substitution by the methods of total external X-ray reflection and X-ray diffractometry
Kukushkin S. A. 1, Osipov A. V. 1, Osipova E. V. 1, Stozharov V. M.2
1Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Scientific and Technical Center New Technologies ( STC NT), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

X-ray diffraction and total external reflection of X-rays (X-ray reflectometry) methods were used to study the successive stages of synthesis of epitaxial SiC films on Si (100) X-ray diffraction and total external X-ray reflection (XRD) methods were used to study successive stages of synthesis of epitaxial SiC films on Si (100) surfaces, (110) and (111) surfaces by the atom substitution method. The data on the transformation evolution of (100) surfaces were studied, (110) and (111) Si, into SiC surfaces. A comparative analysis of the X-ray structural quality of the SiC layers grown on Si by the atom substitution method with the quality of SiC layers grown by Advanced Epi by the standard CVD method. A modified technique for the total outer X-ray reflection method, based on measurements of the intensity of the reflected X-rays using a special parabolic mirror. It is shown that the method of total external reflection method makes it possible to obtain important information about the degree of surface roughness of SiC layers, the evolution of their crystal structure and plasmon energy in the process of Si to SiC conversion. Keywords: total external reflection, X-ray reflectometry, silicon carbide, plasmons.
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