Radiation treatment of the edges of a crack in a superconducting layer during restoration of HTSC tape
Podlivaev A. I.1,2, Rudnev I. A.1
1National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia
2Research Institute of Problems in the Development of Scientific and Educational Potential of Young People, Moscow, Russia
Email: AIPodlivayev@mephi.ru

Numerically, within the framework of the critical state model, the density of superconducting currents in a second-generation HTSC tape based on GdBa2Cu3O7-x is determined. It is shown that during the restoration of the transverse crack of the superconducting layer by shunting the crack with a piece of defect-free tape, the critical current of the restored area decreases by ~8%. It is shown that preliminary i rradiation of the crack edges with ions of hydrogen, helium, neon, and oxygen makes it possible to restore the initial value of the critical current. The calculation of the effect of radiation on a superconducting tape was carried out using the SRIM software package. Keywords: high temperature superconductor, irradiation, radiation defects, critical current.
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