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Relaxation into Tunnel Induced Non-equilibrium States in Metal Oxide Semiconductor Structures
Vercik A.1, Faigon A.1
1Devices Physics-Microelectronics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, Paseo Colon 850, () Buenos Aires, Argentina
Email: avercik@fi.uba.ar
Выставление онлайн: 19 апреля 1999 г.

The relaxation of a Metal Oxide Semiconductor structure from deep depletion towards a tunnel induced non-equilibrium stationary state is addressed in this work. A simple model was constructed, taking into account thermal generation, tunneling of both types of carriers and impact ionization. Experimental results obtained on p- and n-type Si substrates and oxides thinner than 6.5 nm are shown to be well fitted by the proposed model. A map describing the possible behavior patterns for a structure with given oxide thickness and effective generation velocity is presented.
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