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From Roentgen to Ioffe, from Giessen to Saint Petersburg --- Relations Between Russian and German Physics
Scharmann A.1
1Physics Institute, Justus--Liebig--University Giessen, D Giessen, Germany
Email: Arthur.Scharmann@exp1.physik.uni-giessen.de
Выставление онлайн: 19 апреля 1999 г.

Two former professors of physics at Giessen university contributed significantly to the development of the Ioffe Institute: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen as a teacher of Abram Ioffe, and Wilhelm Hanle, whose effect found various applications, e. g., in the spectroscopy of hot electrons in low dimensional structures. A few examples will illustrate how topics of their scientific work found a continuation in the research activities at Giessen, but also in the collaboration between Giessen and Saint Petersburg. They range from sodium chloride, the old Roentgen / Ioffe material where we could prove the existence of an unusual isotope effect in nickel-doped crystals, over level-crossing experiments in gases, to GaAs/A1As superlattices, where level-anticrossing spectroscopy of excitons reveals detailed information about recombination processes and interface quality. A short summary of the efforts to keep the traditionally close and good relations between Russian and German physics vivid completes the report.
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