Influence of mechanical deformation on magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in Gd films
Kashin S. N. 1, Koplak O. V.2, Valeev R. A. 3, Piskorskii V. P. 3, Burkanov M. V. 3, Morgunov R. B. 1,3,2
1Federal Research Center of Problems of Chemical Physics and Medicinal Chemistry RAS, Сhernogolovka, Russia
2Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russia
3All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials of the Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow, Russia

In W/Gd/W/MgO heterostructures, the dependence of mechanical stresses in the Gd film on the crystallographic orientation of the MgO substrate was revealed. Variations in the interplanar spacings in MgO in different orientations create tensile elastic stresses up to 0.22 GPa in the Gd film, which are transferred through the damping layer W. It is found that these stresses affect the isothermal magnetization curves, the corresponding change in the magnetic part of the entropy at the Curie point T_c=293 K, and the relative cooling capacity (RCP). This allows us to consider mechanical stresses as a factor in controlling the magnetocaloric cycle, which increases the efficiency of the refrigeration machine, when mechanical loading is synchronized with the heating-cooling cycles of the ferromagnet. Keywords: magnetocaloric effect, entropy, microdeformations, microstresses.
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